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Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleaning at Premier Dental Care in Idaho Falls ID

Visiting the dentist regularly is one of the best things you can do for your health. Regular dental checkups & teeth cleaning can do a lot more than simply maintenance—they might save your life! As such, Premier Dental Care is committed to providing expert and comfortable dental checkups, and we use a number of treatments to reach this commitment. If you’re looking for the next level in dentistry, call today for an appointment!

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Make Time For Regular Appointments

Dental checkups & teeth cleaning should happen twice a year. These biannual exams are made to be simple and relatively quick, with your dental hygienist beginning the exam:

  • We’ll take X-Rays
  • Check your gums for changes or spaces
  • Scale and polish your teeth, to remove tartar and any surface stains
  • Floss to make sure our cleaning is complete!

After this cleaning, your dentist will come in to check your X-Rays, making sure everything is just as it should be. Next, your dentist will look at your gums, teeth, and your overall health. By checking your tongue, throat, and neck, your dentist will be able to catch any potential issues or disorders. This is the time to talk about any concerns about lumps, growths, or dysfunction, like grinding your teeth at night or other unusual symptoms. Dental hygiene exams can do a lot more than clean your teeth twice a year—they might save your life!

Why are Regular Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleaning Important?

Preventative care is the best way to solve a small problem before it becomes a major issue, and regular visits can save you unnecessary pain, expense, and time. A dentist who is familiar with your teeth and mouth can notice any new issues, concerns that redevelop, or continuous symptoms. And by seeing your dentist every six months with regular appointments, you can personally make sure your oral health is in the best shape possible. By removing tartar frequently, you can prevent gum disease, cavities, and other bacterial issues! If you have a diagnosed disorder or a chronic concern that gets worse, we recommend seeing a dentist more frequently, to receive specialized care.

Professional Dental Exams

If you want to prioritize your oral hygiene and health, choose a dental practice that provides long-term care. Premier Dental Care believes that by offering exceptional and regular dental checkups & teeth cleaning, we can prevent chronic conditions, giving you the best chance at a long and healthy life with your teeth. If you’re looking for a dental practice to call home, contact Premier Dental Care today!