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Dentures at Premier Dental Care in Idaho Falls IDIf you are concerned about tooth loss, it may be time to consider dentures. Premier Dental has extensive experience with dentures and denture fittings. Our dentists and staff pride themselves on providing patients with the latest in dental technology to preserve oral health. We are here to help!

Full Conventional: A full denture set can involve either the upper teeth, lower teeth, or both. Conventional dentures are molded to your gums and are fully removable. This is generally the most affordable option. The only concern with full dentures is potential bone loss after the removal of teeth.

Overdentures: Slightly more expensive than full conventional dentures, overdentures are permanently placed within the mouth, making it a more stable option. Because the overdentures are anchored by either remaining teeth or dental implants, bone loss is less of a concern, and facial structure can be better maintained.

Fixed Partial: If you have a number of remaining healthy teeth, fixed partial dentures (also known a fixed dental bridges) are an excellent option. By placing crowns over two teeth on either side, partial dentures can be cemented in place. This can reduce bone loss and improve the stability of your facial structure, while looking natural and blending in with existing teeth.

Removable Partial: Also known as a dental bridge, removable partial dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth. The removable bridge is fitted in the same way as permanent bridges, but with the addition of clasps on the supporting crowns instead of permanent anchorage.

The Process of Getting Dentures

A dentist can help you decide the best type of denture for your existing bone structure, your lifestyle, and any other concerns you may have. The process can vary slightly, depending on your dental health, but after a plan is in place, your dentist will take molds and measurements of your mouth. If you’re interested in getting dentures, our team at Premier Dental follows the following steps:

  1. The first step is a consultation where your dentist will evaluate the health and stability of your existing teeth and gums. This will help you make the right choice for a denture type.
  2. A model will be made to help with any needed adjustments.
  3. Your dentures will be constructed.
  4. There will be a final fitting where your dentist makes sure your dentures are comfortable and fit properly.

After you receive your dentures, there may be some difficulty eating or talking. This is normal and expected as your mouth is getting used to the presence of the dentures. Also, you may experience some irritation from the dentures against your gums. This should only last a week or two, but if the irritation is severe, please contact our office.

Benefits of Dentures

With the proper denture fit and type, dentures can restore, renew, and rejuvenate your smile! Depending on your existing dental health, dentures can really help to reduce bone loss and maintain facial structure. Premier Dental will help you with every step of the way, from consultation to your final fitting. If you’re concerned about the process of getting dentures, being fitted, or long-term maintenance, call Premier Dental today!

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Frequently Asked Questions
26 f would you date someone with dentures?

Her dentures will most definitely look better and be more attractive than a mouth full of rotten and broken teeth. I really sympathize with her as I have a lot of dental issues, which are mostly due to weak enamel and I can't really change that. Good luck to her!

19 with full dentures how fucked am i?

Hi. Had dentures at 23 from a bad accident. Trust me, you're more worried about it than they are. Most people couldn't even tell. Now I have implants, but I rocked the dentures for 2 years. You'll be okay I promise. edit: if you don't believe me I have pics lol

Anyone with experience how practical are dentures fake teeth?

I have an implant; feels exactly like a real tooth. Requires a little extra attention while flossing though.

How does dental insurance usually work with dentures?

Every insurance plan is different. My advice: find a dentist that participates with your insurance. They'll most likely take an x-ray and submit it to your insurance for prior approval. Once they send you your explanation of benefits, you'll know what's covered, and how much you'll be responsible for.

Serious talk anyone here have dentures or family with them?

My mum has them and she has to use fix indent to keep them in place when she's eating X