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Dental Bridges at Premier Dental Care in Idaho Falls IDDental Bridges

Dental bridges bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. In addition to filling the gaps, bridges help maintain the structure of your face and jaw. The cosmetic dentists of Premier Dental in Idaho Falls ID are fully knowledgeable and highly experienced to apply dental bridges and restore your smile.

Restore Your Smile

A dental bridge is a prosthesis usually created by two crowns on teeth that are located on either side of the gap. These two anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth. Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth or implants. The most important benefits of bridges include:

  • Fill space from missing teeth
  • Maintain facial shape
  • Prevent teeth from shifting
  • Restore tooth function and speaking

After Your Dental Bridge Procedure

You’ve just had fixed bridges cemented onto your teeth. Follow these instructions so that you will have years of great service from your new dental restorations.

  • Do not chew hard or sticky foods for 24 hours. The cement must have time to achieve optimum strength.
  • Do not chew ice as well as other very hard objects.
  • Visit us at regular intervals. Often issues that develop around restorations can be discovered at an early stage and corrected easily. If you wait longer to inform us of a problem, it’s possible the entire bridge or crown may have to be restored.

Preventative Dental Bridge Care

  • Brush and floss after you eat and particularly before going to bed.
  • Swish vigorously with mouth rinse for 30 seconds daily before going to bed.
  • Use bridge cleaners

If any of the following conditions occur, contact us:

  • A sense of movement or looseness in the restoration
  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet foods that doesn’t disappear in a couple of weeks
  • A peculiar taste from the restoration site
  • If a piece of the restoration breaks off
  • If you have a sensitivity to pressure

It’s important to consult an experienced Idaho Falls dentist for procedures such as dental bridges. If you have tooth structure left, you may be in need of a dental crown. Premier Dental has been helping patients throughout Idaho Falls & Rigby ID with their smiles since 1989.

Contact Premier Dental today for more information on how to fill in the gaps in your smile and learn more about dental bridges.